6 reasons to choose Study Career in Australia

Vocational study abroad in Australia is gradually becoming more popular with international students, especially Vietnamese students. Many people want to study and work in Australia but because they do not meet the strict study abroad conditions, vocational study abroad is the path many people choose to make their dreams come true.

1. Low cost

It can be said that the cost of studying abroad in Australia is only half the tuition that students have to pay at colleges and universities in some other countries. This helps you breathe easier about the cost burden while studying in Australia. From there, students can spend more time and opportunities to practice, practice, and accumulate more experience.
In addition, vocational training schools in Australia have connections with companies and businesses to create favorable conditions for students to participate in paid internship programs. Therefore, international students have more opportunities to earn extra income to reduce the burden of living expenses.

2. Australia visa application policy is more and more favorable

Việc xin visa ngày càng thuận lợi
The policy of applying for a student visa to Australia is becoming more and more favorable
In many cases, students have to apply for an Australian student visa many times because Australia is very strict in this. However, for a student visa to study in Australia, it will become much simpler. Because you will not have to complicated financial proof , so the chances of getting a visa will be much higher. Since then the opportunity to study in Australia becomes easier than ever.

3. Easier to settle down

For a country with a developed economy and education like Australia, settling down is the dream of many people, especially for international students who want to study in Australia.
định cư Úc dễ dàng hơn khi du học nghề tại úc
Easier opportunity to settle down
According to regulations, after completing the vocational course, students can work in Australia within 18 months. Besides, if you intend to transfer to university, you can apply for a visa to stay for 2 years. If you meet the settlement conditions during this period, you can apply for a visa to settle in Australia.

4. Extremely attractive salary after graduation

The average salary for international students after graduating from a vocational study abroad course in Australia is as follows:
  • College or higher: 60,800 AUD/year
  • Certificate III and IV: 53,200 AUD/year
  • Vocational certificates I and II: 48,000 AUD/year
Although the above income level cannot be compared with international university graduates, compared to the Vietnamese market, this salary can be said to be quite good. Furthermore, working conditions in Australia are better, students will have many opportunities to improve their skills and gain experience.

5. There are many choices

It can be said that in Australia there are many vocational training schools, so international students have more choices. Specifically, there are now more than 60 public vocational schools and more than 200 private vocational schools in Australia.
Popular occupations trained when studying abroad in Australia include: Business and management, communications and information technology, design and art, social services and health, mechanics and construction, tourism – hotel, fisheries, agriculture, forestry, real estate management, sports and creativity…

6. Entry conditions are easier

Điều kiện đầu vào dễ thở khi du học nghề tại Úc
The input conditions are easier to breathe
Compared to the requirements for university degrees, the requirements for vocational courses are much lower. Specifically, you only need to have average academic ability or higher and English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or higher to be able to apply to study abroad in Australia.
For students who have completed the 11th grade program and intend to study abroad, they can choose to study certificate courses I, II, III, IV. As for those who have completed grade 12 or higher, you can go straight to college or bachelor’s degree.
Hopefully through this article, you will have more useful information and make your own choices about vocational study abroad programs in Australia. Don’t forget to follow to read other useful information about studying abroad!

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