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Currently, Australia has become the first choice of many Vietnamese students. According to statistics, there are more than 20,000 Vietnamese students studying abroad and about 80,000 Vietnamese alumni have graduated from universities in Australia. In particular, studying abroad in Australia has emerged as an extremely “attractive” new direction. International students will experience the most developed education on the planet and the opportunity to “settle” in one of the countries voted most livable in the 21st century.
Unlike previous generations, where studying abroad was a bit of a “luxury”, now studying abroad has become popular and is also the wish of many students and their families. Therefore, in recent years, phrases such as “study abroad”, “study abroad for high school”, “study abroad for university”, “study for master’s degree abroad” or “study abroad for vocational training” are no longer strange to the world. system of students and Vietnamese students.
Why should you choose to study abroad in Australia 2023?
First we need to understand what is vocational study abroad? Vocational study abroad in Australia is a form of study abroad for international students of vocational training schools. In addition to learning theory, students also receive vocational training in the major they are studying. After graduating, international students have a very practical understanding of the industry and all have stable jobs with relatively high incomes.
Apprenticeships often have lower entry conditions and can be transferred to university. Vocational students in Australia, while studying and working, will gain practical work skills.
Thanks to the courses focusing on developing professional working skills, after graduation, students will have open job opportunities and adapt well to the environment and industry.
Most vocational classes in Australia are small in number, and international students receive a lot of attention from lecturers. As well as having better conditions to use learning devices.

Tuition fees for vocational programs are often lower than college and university training courses. But the value of knowledge and practical working skills is not inferior.

Most vocational courses are taught at colleges or schools. After completing the course, students can graduate and go to work or continue studying at university, depending on each individual’s needs.

Advantages of vocational study abroad in Australia 2023

  • – Cost is only 50% of university education
  • – The duration of vocational training in Australia is short, only from 6 months to 2.5 years
  • – Practical training content
  • – High opportunity for employment and settlement
  • – Visas are increasingly convenient
  • – Can apply for work immediately after graduation
  • – Transfer to university level (from 1.5 -2 years) depending on the major
  • – Allowed to stay 1.5 – 2 years
  • – Settled when eligible

Conditions for studying abroad in Australia

To be able to participate in the Australian study abroad program, you need to meet the following conditions:

– Minimum IELTS 4.5, PTE Score 42 (If not, JHL Group will support training. When you achieve PTE score 42, JHL will sponsor all training costs make sound)

– Men and women aged 18-30 years old

– Target audience: High school graduate or intermediate level 9+3;

– Good health, free of hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases

– Clean, clear criminal record, no criminal record.

– Minimum financial eligibility of 500 million proven by assets or deposits (JHL supports financial proof services if needed)

– Never been refused/cancelled a visa to Australia before. No illegal relatives in Australia.

What majors are there in Australian vocational training?

There are many majors that international students can choose according to their desires when studying abroad in Australia, popular as:

  • – Hospitality services
  • – Auto Technology
  • – Electronics – refrigeration
  • – Food processing & Supply Chain Management
  • – Health Care
  • – Logistics
  • – IT…

In which, some professions with many job opportunities and high settlement ability can be mentioned such as: chef, nursing, engineer. To be able to choose a suitable career when studying in Australia, you need to consider the desire, ability of your close friends and the employment needs of society so that you can easily develop in the future. Join the Australian apprenticeship program at JHL Group, you will be advised on the most suitable career.

Required profile and recruitment time

1. Curriculum Vitae, CV detailing study and working history;

2. Birth certificate;

3. Household book (all pages with information) / personal declaration;

4. English certificate IELTS 5.5/ PTE 42 (if not, will be assessed and trained)

5. High school diploma;

6. Diploma and Transcript of College/Intermediate/University (if graduated);

7. Work records (if employed): Labor contract, social insurance, Salary confirmation (or salary account statement);

8. Confirmation of marital status;

9. Criminal record number 2;

10. Financial documents (The company will provide specific instructions when preparing to apply for a visa);

11. Passport (valid for at least 01 year);

12. 06 biometric photos 3.5×4.5 (according to Embassy standards)

Vocational study abroad roadmap in Australia

Receive a continuous application in the form of studying for 3-6 months at the Enterprise’s training institution, then transferring to study and work in Australia for 16-18 months.

1. Phase 1 – In Vietnam:

Semester 1: Students study in Vietnam for 2-6 months (Then take the level 2/level 3 certificate exam in the chosen major – helping to increase their ability and achieve receive a higher salary when working part-time in Australia)

  • Class time: 5 days/week (professional study in the morning, English study in the afternoon)
  • Trained directly from foreign teachers from Australia.
  • Undergo periodic tests and assessments.
  • Learn English to reach PTE 42 or IELTS 5.5 level

Note: Students will be given an English entrance test by the school, and will arrange training classes appropriate to their IELTS level from 0 – 5.5, in case students have achieved IELTS 5.5/PTE 42 level, they will participate in specialized study and do not need to register to learn English and will be deducted training fees/certification exam at the final stage. pay.

2. Phase 2 – In Australia:

Students will come to Australia and study for the next 2 years (according to the registered specialized curriculum and complete their degree in Australia)

  • – After Graduation, end of 2 years – Joint training program. After receiving their diploma, students will be guided and supported in converting to 485 Visa in Australia.
  • – While studying in Australia, students have the right to change/switch majors (list of occupations in the priority area for Settlement).
  • – Post-graduation students are allowed to stay and work in Australia for 2 years.


– Comprehensive support program for students to have a clear study and career path in Australia: Foreign language training, skills training, visa application, contract Join the Immigration organization to have the opportunity to continue working and settle in Australia.

– Work while studying in Australia, 48 hours/2 weeks during the school year and unlimited overtime during vacations; Estimated average income is about 30 to 50 million VND/month.

– Covered medical expenses (covered by student insurance – OSHC);

– Right to stay in Australia to work 1.5 – 2 years after completing the course;

– Work legally in Australia after graduating in the right field of study. The average salary after graduation is 100 million/month.

<3 when enrolling at partner universities)


  • – The minimum wage in Australia is 21.38 AUD/h.
  • – Common jobs: harvesting agricultural products, restaurants, cafes, car washes, mechanics, food processing…
  • – Students will be guided on how to look for a part-time job, Prepare a CV and guide on how to interview for a job.
  • – Average income in 7 months of school and 5 months of summer vacation:

21.38 AUD/h * 24 hours/week * 4 weeks/month = $2,052 AUD/month.

Total overtime income/year = 2,052 AUD * 7 months of study + (4,104.96 + 800) AUD * 5 months of summer vacation = 38,888 AUD ~ 622,208,000 VND Average cost (accommodation and accommodation): ~ 1,500 AUD/month * 12 = 18,000 AUD/year ~ 288,000,000 VND

Training cost: average 10,000 AUD/year ~ 160,000,000 VND

Savings = 38,888 (income) – 18,000 (living) – 10,000 (tuition) = 10,888 ~ 174,208,000.


Service fee and full tuition until departure: 240,000,000 VND – 285,000,000 VND

(depending on the major and chosen route)


– Health Check Fee

– English tuition & English Certificate exam fee (1 time) at 5.5 IELTS or PTE42

– Tuition & Exam fee (3 times) to get Cert II/III certificate in Hospitality Services/ Project Management/ Automotive Technology issued by Australian partners.

– Visa application processing fee (1 time): fee paid to the Australian embassy, ​​service fee, fingerprint fee, document review fee…

– Reservation fee, tuition fee for the first semester at AIBT/ Reach/ Strategix school

– Health check fee

– OSHC health insurance (2 years in Australia)

– Airfare

– Other costs

The fee payment schedule will be specifically announced when you register to participate in the program.

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