3 things to keep in mind when studying and working in Australia in 2023

For an expensive country like Australia, studying abroad in Australia while studying and working not only helps you have more money for living expenses, but it is also an opportunity to improve your English skills and expand your relationships. .
Because overtime wages in Australia are relatively high, this can reduce the economic burden for some of you. However, there are also certain notes for this case. Please look forward to the article for more information!
1. Regulations on working time for Australian student visas
For Australia, this country stipulates that international students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours/week. Normally, the best time that Australian international students often choose to work part-time is during vacations such as winter break, summer break, holidays…
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Regulations on working time for Australian student visas
Usually during the holidays it is easier to find a job because the number of people who have the mentality of going home for the holidays leads to a shortage of human resources.
In case you work part-time, you will have documents and a tax code issued by the Australian Taxation Office to manage and control your time.
On average, each international student working part-time can earn from 6 – 15 Australian dollars an hour, depending on the job. Besides, on holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the salary and bonus will be higher. Therefore, the income you earn can also cover part of your living expenses.

2. How to find part-time jobs

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How to find part-time jobs?
The jobs you look for will depend on your level of study. For example, international postgraduate students can find jobs and positions related to the field they are researching and studying. As for students, they often choose to work in the service industry a few days a week.
It’s not too difficult to find a job that suits you. Through international student communities or introductions from acquaintances, you can find a job easily. Besides, you can go to job websites or school websites. There are often job vacancies posted there, you just need to go to the website seek.com and search for a suitable job. Each University often has student associations and groups called Chaplains to support international students. You can contact them for help.

3. Areas where it’s easy to find part-time jobs

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Areas that are easy to find part-time jobs
First of all, we must mention the capital of Australia, Canberra. AUN (Australian National University) is considered a paradise for international students because there are many jobs that anyone can find. Salary ranges from 18 – 23 AUD/hour depending on the job you are doing.
Melbourne is the next city, famous for its many farms around. Therefore, the workload is always a lot, especially in the season. Students can choose the job of picking fruits on farms, arranging seedlings…
Sydney is the second most populous city in Australia with nearly 5 million inhabitants, so the number of part-time jobs here is also countless. Besides, this place is famous as a service tourism city, the jobs that you can choose to do part-time become more diverse, the salary is also more competitive. The average salary is from 8-10 AUN/hour.
Queensland state: Depending on the job, you can receive an average salary of 15 AUN/hour. If you are living here, it can be easier to find a suitable job because there are many Vietnamese communities living and working here.
Perth is a city in the top 10 most livable cities in the world, so there are a lot of tourists coming. Perth accounts for 20% of Australia’s employment rate with a relatively easy cost of living. The average salary you receive is about 19.5 AUN/hour.
Although working part-time is important, you should not focus on your studies because of work. This can easily cause you to be expelled from school if your academic results are low. Therefore, for studying in Australia while studying and working, you should pay attention to some of the issues mentioned in the article.
Wishing you good study results! Don’t miss our next articles!

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