UPDATE 10 LATEST Japanese labor export conditions in 2023

What are the requirements for labor export in Japan? This is one of the issues that many people care about when they want to work in Japan. Actual conditions for labor export may change from year to year and depending on the actual situation. So in 2023, what conditions do workers need to meet? Read the article below to get the most accurate answer!

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Japan is considered as one of the strictest countries in terms of recruitment requirements. However, the conditions for labor export to Japan in 2023 are adjusted and easier than in previous years, in order to create maximum conditions for workers. Here are some conditions to work in Japan that you need to pay attention to.

Japanese labor export age requirement

Usually, the age requirement for traveling to Japan is from 18 to 40 years old. Except for some 1 year contract orders taken up to the age of 40 or some other special orders. Depending on the job, Japanese employers will ask for different ages.

Conditions about qualifications

What does it take to export to Japan to prove your qualifications? To be eligible to work in Japan, Interns must have at least a high school diploma or higher (high school). While some high-tech occupations such as mechanics, electronics, automobiles, etc., will require workers to have a diploma of Intermediate, College or higher (TC, College).

Conditions to go to Japan in terms of appearance

Each profession, field of work will have different height and weight requirements. However, in general, employees only need to meet the following basic requirements for appearance:

Basic, not too skinny or too fat

  • Male: Weight 50kg, height 1m6 or more
  • Female: weight 40kg, height 1m48 or more

Health conditions to go to Japan

Before coming to Japan to work, workers are required to undergo a health check. Only workers who are in good health, do not fall into one of the 13 groups of diseases banned from entry and exit in Japan and have a certificate of health eligibility to work abroad from a Vietnamese health agency can participate. Japanese labor exporter.

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Work experience required

Depending on each order to Japan, it will require workers to have work experience or not. Some Japanese orders that don’t require experience include electronics, food processing, mechanics, car interior finishing, etc. Industries that require experience such as welding – welding, garment, …

Surely there will be many of you wondering if you want to apply for a Japanese labor export order but do not have any experience, what to do. You can rest assured because before the order interview, you will be professionally trained by the company to help you confidently audition for the registered order.

Request for expenses to export to Japan

The cost of going to Japan depends on the order you choose. More specifically, the cost of exporting Japanese labor for a single factory will be high for orders outside the factory. Or a 1-year order to Japan has a lower cost than a 3-year order.

In addition, depending on the time of registration, you will enjoy incentives to help reduce the cost of going to Japan. Typically, at Hoang Long CMS, there are outstanding orders to Japan with a fee of 0 dong or a program that owes fees up to 100% for construction orders. This will greatly reduce the cost of going to Japan for employees and create conditions for those who “want to go to Japan but have no money”.

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Conditions to export to Japan for documents

– Curriculum vitae with photo and certified by commune – ward (01 copy)
– Civil certificate of the Commune Police (certifying that there is no criminal record) (01 copy)
– Notarized photo of ID card (or citizen identification), birth certificate, household registration book, diploma (01 copy)
– 4×6 photo (white background, white shirt – men’s tie) (06 pieces)

Pass registered Japanese export orders

When choosing a suitable order, it is important for employees to pass the exam to pass the registered order. The fact that you pass the order right from the first exam will help your process to go to Japan more on schedule. You don’t need to worry about how to interview if you don’t know Japanese. Because during the entrance exam, you will have an interpreter to assist you.

Visa conditions

To be able to stay and work in Japan, workers are required to have a work visa. Normally, the visa application will be done by the labor transfer company, but the employee must meet the following conditions:

  • Never participated in the Japanese labor export program or applied for a Visa to Japan in any form
  • Not in the cases banned from entering and leaving Japan
  • No previous criminal record as prescribed by Vietnamese law

Join a Japanese language training course

After passing the order, employees will have to attend a Japanese language training course before leaving the country. This is a mandatory condition to go to Japan for any workers participating in the Japanese labor export program. The purpose of this training course is not only to improve the Japanese language but also to help the students get acquainted with the environmental culture in the Japanese standard style. The training period will last about 4-6 months.

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Here are some answers to questions about working conditions in Japan that many of you are most interested in.

Can a tattoo go to Japan?

Definitely yes guys. At Hoang Long CMS, most of the orders accept candidates with tattoos. However, the required tattoo should not be too big, not offensive. If you have small tattoos in private places, you can still apply to work in Japan.

Do you need a high school diploma to go to Japan?

Going to Japan does not necessarily require a 3rd degree. Because today the conditions to work in Japan are much less strict than before. Therefore, just graduating from high school, you can choose and register the right order for yourself. In case you have a high school diploma, you will have more choices for yourself about the professions working in the land of cherry blossoms.

Bị cận có đi xklđ Nhật được không?

Bị cận vẫn có thể đi xklđ Nhật được nhé. Tùy vào tính chất công việc mà các điều kiện về thị lực sẽ khác nhau. Do đó người lao động bị cận thị vẫn có thể tham gia và trúng tuyển được nếu như đơn hàng không có yêu cầu đặc biệt.

45 tuổi có đi Nhật được không?

Câu trả lời là không. Thông thường độ tuổi dễ đăng kí đi Nhật nhất là từ 18-35 tuổi. Tuy nhiên vẫn có một số đơn hàng đặc biệt tuyển lao động đến độ tuổi 40. Ví dụ như các đơn dọn dẹp vệ sinh tòa nhà, chăn nuôi gà tại Hoàng Long CMS tuyển ứng viên đến 40 tuổi.

Viêm gan B có đi Nhật được không?

Câu trả lời là không. Theo quy định của chính phủ Nhật Bản cũng như sở LĐ-TB&XH Việt Nam, có tất cả 13 nhóm bệnh không đủ điều kiện đi xklđ Nhật Bản, trong đó có bệnh về gan. Do vậy người mắc bệnh viêm gan B không thể đi Nhật làm việc.

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