Korean University Professional Interview Experience

Have you had any experience in interviewing for a Korean University major?

Hello everyone, I’m Tran Yen Linh – Study abroad student University female Duksung and has just successfully applied for a Master’s degree program Seoul Sirip University in October 2020 for the spring semester of March 2021.

Seoul Sirip University is known as a school Public UNIVERSITY with the lowest tuition fee according to the information of page Korea INFORMATION.

Seoul Sirip School Tuition

University range: 1,000,000 won – 1,500,000 won/semester, ie 2,000,000 – 3,000,000 won/year.

Graduate range: 2,400,000 won – 3,000,000 won/semester, ie 4,800,000 won – 6,000,000 won/year

While other schools’ fees

University range: 3,500,000 won/semester, that’s 7,000,000 won/year

Graduate: 4,000,000 won/semester, which is 8,000,000 won/year

The difference is quite obvious, isn’t it.

Moreover, SEO SEOUL SIRIP school is located in Seoul and the facilities are well-invested and spacious, so it attracts a lot of Korean students as well as Korean students. international student. That’s why the annual battle rate is very high. Being admitted to the school in the March 2021 major is considered a blessing and also a great success for me in 2020.

Encouraged by MONDAY, I would like to share a little of my experience when applying to the school and hope it will help you you intend to apply to major universities in Korea in general and Seoul Sirip University in particular.

How did I prepare my resume, how was my interview experience?

All will be shared in the article below!

Why did I choose Seoul Sirip?

When I was in Vietnam, my Korean teacher suggested me the Seoul Sirip school. And after doing my own research, I found that the school was extremely suitable for me

– TOP 7 best universities in Seoul

– Extremely low tuition fee

– Many scholarship policies for international students

Seoul Sirip University major interview experience
  1. Profile section
  • This step is extremely important, this is the basic step and makes the first impression on the school, so you have to pay close attention. Make your profile carefully, you don’t have to add or modify a lot.
  • Just helping me with my hard work, the school will also see that you are a neat and careful person. And the most important thing, you have to pass the application round to get to the interview round.
  • Time: Check the school’s major application schedule. Because each school’s specialized application is different and has different deadlines, be sure to submit your application by the application deadline, and to time your application preparation time.
  • Preparing the profile: The basic profile section has a lot of papers, this part I asked Monday for support, because the center will be more specialized so I don’t have to worry much. The center will guide carefully and ask for the necessary documents for processing. I just need to prepare the papers, Monday takes care of the rest!! Those of you who are applying for study abroad on Monday, please rest assured! When you need help, the sisters are very supportive.
  • Introduction + study plan. This is a very personal part of you, in addition to the basic profile, you should also spend a lot of time and effort to convince the school that you have enough Korean language ability to study at the school. and have a very clear learning path to show your seriousness with studying at school. Read it over and over again, and if you’re learning Korean, you can ask your Korean teacher to read it and correct it for you. To avoid basic mistakes in the presentation, please! To do well in this section, go to the school’s website, carefully read the information of the major, the subject content so that you can use the right content that you will be trained at the school.
  • Some things to keep in mind when applying:
    • Referral letter from professor. This is required by the university SEOUL SIRIP, but some schools do not require it. However, in my opinion, when I have a letter of recommendation from a professor, my profile will be much better.
    • With TOPIK 3 or higher (Only for Seoul Sirip school, I don’t think the school is too important that I have TOPIK, just qualify for consideration. If you approve the application, you will have an interview schedule, because when I applied to the school, I didn’t have TOPIK 6, I only had TOPIK 3, but I liked the school very much, so I risked myself to submit it, but there is a schedule. real interview, so if you only have TOPIK 3, don’t be self-deprecating)
I'm in the same Korean class at Duksung Women's University
I’m in the same Korean class at Duksung Women’s University

2. Interview session

<3 Particularly for Seoul Sirip school, the interview part is very stressful. I think each case will have different questions, so for now, I can only share the questions that the school asks me!

  • Basic:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Why did you choose to study in Korea
    • Why did you choose Seoul Sirip school
    • Which major did you choose for your master’s degree, why did you choose that major?
    • What are your plans after graduation?
  • Seoul Sirip University Intensive
    • Which university did I go to? Which professional?
    • The teacher chose 4-5 subjects from my transcript and asked me in that subject, what do they teach, and what did I learn?

(I’m lucky that the teacher asked for the subject name in English, but if I asked for the Korean name, sometimes I don’t know what the subject is, so guys, just in case, prepare a Korean translation of the course name, and confirm with the teacher if he is asking for that subject!)

And this is also the part I found the most difficult in the interview round. If you know in advance, prepare well.


I'm singing a Korean song on the closing day of the Korean language course summer semester 2020
I’m singing a Korean song on the closing day of the Korean language course summer semester 2020

3. Apply for a scholarship

This will also depend on the policy of each school, so you can go to the Admission GUIDE or the SCHOLARSHIP SECTION to target it. Can my profile receive a scholarship and how much is the scholarship?

As for Seoul Sirip University, they will consider scholarships through 3 factors

  • Previous academic record
  • Interviewability

And after applying for the application, High school GPA is 8.3 , college GPA: 2.88/4 + TOPIK 3 + school interview. I finally got 50% scholarship from the school

Although it’s a pity that I only got TOPIK 6 in December to receive more scholarships, it’s a pleasure to pass the school you like.

So if you are interested in a scholarship, try to get as high a score as possible!

This is Korean autumn
And this is the season Korean album

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