Today, the age of Vietnamese young people studying abroad is “rejuvenating”. This is indeed a good sign. Accordingly, the ideal age to study in Japan is between 16 and 24 years old. Most of them, you choose to study in Japan right after graduating from high school. So why did you choose to study in Japan so early? Let’s find out with Jellyfish Vietnam!

I. Japan only accepts young people under the study abroad program

If in European countries, the age to study abroad is from 18 to 28 years old. Or in Korea, this age is from 18 to 30. For Japan, the ideal age to study abroad is from 18 to 25; ie this age lasts only 7 years. So there are many people who regret not knowing the age conditions to study in Japan earlier; leading to not being able to study abroad even though I really want to.

II. The advantage of you studying abroad in Japan after finishing high school

Only a short time left until you graduate from high school. And this is the ideal opportunity for you to choose to study in Japan. Your 18 years old is great because in Japan, young people will be given a lot of priority in school selection. Why is that so? The main reason is that the Japanese have researched and shown that when you just leave school, your ability to learn and absorb will be better. That means you have a great opportunity to study in Japan.

1. What are the benefits of studying in Japan right after graduating from high school?

Studying abroad right after graduating from high school will help you shorten your study time; career opportunities are also better… According to the opinion, students should study abroad as soon as possible; especially right after high school. When you come to Japan to study abroad, you will study Japanese for 1 and a half to two years at a Japanese language school. After having a good level of Japanese; You can continue to a vocational school within two years or a 4-year university in Japan. Thus, after graduating from school (22-24 years old), you will be equipped with foreign languages, knowledge and experience to be able to start your career. That is the way to shorten the learning time and still be effective.

Many of you, after finishing university or going to work, decide to study in Japan, which prolongs the study period. When you are older, you also have many other difficulties such as: many jobs, many complicated relationships, not focusing on studying…. This will be a big obstacle in your own learning process.

2. Is the term in Japan suitable for those who have just graduated from high school?

In Japan, there are 4 enrollment periods per year: January term, April term, July term and October term. For those who have just graduated; If you want to enter the January semester, you must know Japanese and have a certificate.

The most suitable admission period for you is the April term. Entering the April semester, you will have the following advantages:

– Suitable for the time of language learning and application submission:

The average time to learn a language and apply for a flight to Japan is about 6-8 months. For 12th graders, July every year will be the time when you know your high school graduation exam scores. Thus, you will have about 7 months to learn the language, interview, choose a school and learn to adapt to the culture.

– Spend the most time learning the language:

April term in Japan has up to 2 years to learn the language. While enrolling in other semesters, you only have 1 year or more to learn the language.

– High pass rate:

April term is Japan’s biggest enrollment period. Therefore, the number of approved visas will be more than other periods. If your profile is not perfect; Please choose to study abroad in April to increase your chances of studying abroad.

– Have the most time to work part-time:

Most Vietnamese students come to Japan to study on their own. Working part-time will help you have more income to cover living expenses and tuition fees. Because the cost of living in Japan is quite expensive; If you don’t go to work, you will worry about not focusing on your studies. Therefore, you need more time to earn more capital for yourself. The April semester is quite long, which is a good condition for you to have more time to work. However, remember, your main purpose is to learn. Don’t be too greedy to work that affects your study results!

Wish you all the right choices and success on the path you have chosen!

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