Average salary when going to Japan to work abroad in 2023 has increased HUGE

Currently, the basic salary that workers are signed with Japanese factories ranges from 120,000 to 150,000 yen/month.

This salary has been almost unchanged in Japan for several years now, every year it is still increasing at a certain rate in each region, but the rate of change is not high.

Note a bit because this is the minimum salary that workers receive, along with the job position, but if Japanese workers are paid more.</ span>

So employees do not have to wonder about this level of income and are completely assured that the minimum will be in this range.

Based on the exchange rate at the end of 2022 Yen = 217 VND, which is much higher than in 2022. At this rate, with the same salary as the employee, the goods will be received. from 21,000,000 to 27,000,000 VND (equivalent to 1,000 – 1,270 USD/month).

“Recently, the normal exchange rate of the Japanese Yen is around 210-230 VND/Yen”, equivalent to the salary that employees receive from 27.6 – 33.5 million VND/month (1,200 -1,500 USD/month)

Employee’s salary according to Japanese labor law, this salary is calculated by working hours, each hour is received from 650 – 850 yen/hour. Requires 8 hours/day, 40-44 hours per week. For exact minimum wage information in 47 regions of Japan

<3 coming to Japan to work.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said it will step up support for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to reduce the negative impact on businesses caused by the wage increase by measures such as raising the salary level. support ceiling. Depending on the difference in the local minimum wage, the lowest salary that workers receive and the size of the enterprise, the government will decide the maximum support level ranging from about 4 5-6 million yen.

Here is the minimum wage table of 47 provinces applied before June 2023
ORDER HOURS WAGE 都道府県(前年比 上昇率)

Increase in regional minimum wages compared to the previous year

1 1,013円 Tokyo – 東京 (+28円)
2 1,011円 Kanagawa – 神奈川 (+28円)
3 964円 Osaka – 大阪 (+28円)
4 926円 Saitama – 埼玉 (+28円)
Aichi – 愛知 (+28円)
5 923円 Chiba – 千葉(+28円)
6 909円 Kyoto- 京都 (+27円)
7 899円 Hyogo – 兵庫 (+28円)
8 885円 Shizuoka – 静岡 (+27円)
9 873円 Mie – 三重 (+27円)
10 871円 Hiroshima – 広島 (+27円)
11 866円 Saga – 滋賀 (+27円)
12 861円 Hokkaido – 北海道(+26円)
13 853円 Tochigi – 栃木(+27円)
14 851円 Gifu – 岐阜(+26円)
15 849円 Ibaraki – 茨城(+27円)
16 848円 Toyama – 富山(+27円)
Nagano – 長野(+27円)
17 841円 Fukuoka – 福岡(+27円)
18 837円 Yamanashi – 山梨(+27円)
Nara – 奈良(+26円)
19 835円 Gunma – 群馬(+26円)
20 833円 Okayama – 岡山(+26円)
21 832円 Ishikawa – 石川(+26円)
22 830円 Nigata – 新潟(+27円)
Wakayama – 和歌山(+27円)
23 829円 Fukui – 福井(+26円)
Yamaguchi – 山口(+27円)
24 824円 Miyagi – 宮城(+26円)
25 818円 Kagawa – 香川(+26円)
26 798円 Fukushima – 福島(+26円)
27 793円 Tokushima – 徳島(+27円)
28 790円 Aomori – 青森(+28円)
Iwate – 岩手(+28円)
Akita – 秋田(+28円)
Yamagata – 山形(+27円)
Tottori – 鳥取 (+28円)
Shimane – 島根 (+26円)
Ehime – 愛媛 (+26円)
Kochi – 高知(+28円)
Saga – 佐賀(+28円)
Nagasaki – 長崎(+28円)
Kumamoto – 熊本(+28円)
Oita – 大分(+28円)
Miayaki – 宮崎(+28円)
Kagoshima – 鹿児島(+29円)
Okinawa – 沖縄(+28円)

Note: The salary mentioned above is the minimum hourly wage in Japan.

Thus, compared to last year, the regional minimum wages of cities have increased quite a lot. Accordingly, the minimum hourly wage for each locality in Japan has been significantly adjusted. Accordingly, Tokyo is the locality with the highest minimum hourly wage at 1041 yen, followed by Kanagawa Prefecture at 1041 yen, and Osaka at 992 yen. The provinces with the lowest hourly wages are Kochi and Okinawa with 820 yen, followed by Iwate, Tottiri, Ehime… with 821 yen. From October 1, Tokyo, Osaka and 29 other localities will apply the new salary; from October 2, Shizuoka, Gunma and 07 other provinces apply new wages; From October 6, Aomori, Oita and 3 other provinces will have new salaries; From October 7, Ishikawa Prefecture, from October 8, Okinawa Prefecture applies a new salary.

The average hourly minimum wage across Japan is 930 yen/hour. This increase has raised the minimum wage in all localities above 800 yen/hour. The national average increase was 28 yen, the highest increase ever.

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