First of all, it must be confirmed that one of the mandatory conditions to study in Japan is Japanese language ability. However, not 1 but 4 factors affect the regulation of Japanese language proficiency before you study in Japan. To know what it is, let’s find out with Jellyfish Vietnam through the following article!


1. Admission period

In Japan, there are 4 enrollment periods a year. Of course, there will be slight variations in the admission requirements of each term. Specifically as follows:

– For January term: Because the language study period only lasts for about 1 year and 3 months, candidates need to have at least N4 certificate or N3 certificate.</ span>

– For the remaining periods (April, July, and October): A certificate of minimum 180 hours of Japanese learning is required. In addition, N5 Japanese certificate is required.

If you’re wondering when should you study abroad in Japan in the year then don’t hesitate to contact Jellyfish for advice!

2. Study area

Before coming to Japan, you will have to have a certificate of at least 180 hours of Japanese study time and an N5 certificate of one of the Japanese language exams such as: Nat-test , JLPT, GNK, TOPJ beginner A, JTest… in case of studying in areas like Kobe, Kyoto or Osaka.

However, there are many other regions in Japan that are not required to have the above certificates. Like Fukuoka, Hiroshima or Tokyo for example. Instead, before going to study abroad, you will have to register for the N5 exam and a certificate of at least 180 hours of Japanese study time.

In order to most accurately and objectively assess your ability to acquire Japanese, the Japan Immigration Department will rely on the test results. Although there are still cases where some of you are issued a COE (Certificate of Eligibility for Residence) even though you apply in Osaka and fail the Japanese language test. However, don’t rely on luck, but try to learn Japanese well to prepare well for your study abroad journey.

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3. School attended

– The condition to be able to apply directly to colleges and intermediate schools in Japan is that you already have a N3 Japanese Certificate in Vietnam.

– Apply to a University, College, Intermediate School or Japanese Language School with a Japanese language department: Requires a certificate of minimum 180 hours of Japanese study time and a certificate N5.

– You need at least Certificate N2 or higher if you want to go directly to University/Graduate.

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4. Subjects studying abroad

– In case you are a trainee who used to practice in Japan; want to return by way of studying abroad: Due to having worked and lived in Japan for a certain period of time, the requirement for this subject is to have a certificate of N4 or N3.

– In case you are coming to Japan for the first time: Only a certificate of minimum 180 hours of Japanese study time and N5 certificate.

– Besides, you also need to pay attention to other factors such as: Financial ability; academic achievements… With this information, you can refer to the article: Documentation, travel procedures learn Japanese

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The above is the basic information about studying in Japan as well as the Japanese language level to study abroad. Hope this article helps you!

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